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Michael Corbin: Denver Radio Talk Show Host, Journalist [1955-2008]

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    Commenting has been turned off this site, which is now in passive mode.

    This "Memorial" was orginally set up ONLY to "INFORM" the world of Mike's passing: there was a tremendous mess regarding access to Mike's massive contact list after he suddenly passed away. There were few options to inform listeners, fans, and people who worked with him.

    This intent grew to urgently REQUEST FUNDS for his FUNERAL and BURIAL be donated to an account managed by his family of origin.

    This site was SUPPOSED TO BE SHUT DOWN after his burial.

    People who loaned the family money for Mike's funeral etc. expected to get repaid from the fund. They have not yet been repaid. Furthermore, assets loaned to Mike and only Mike through various "gentlemen's agreements", have been stolen. Information assets entrusted to Mike's Filomax organization and only Mike have also been stolen.

    This site remains up, in static form, since in addition to all that, THERE ARE STILL UNANSWERED QUESTIONS wrt. Mike's passing.
    The exploration of these UNANSWERED QUESTIONS quickly became a controversial part of this site.

    I was not sure I wanted those questions raised AT THIS SITE, but was too busy trying to find out what had transpired before potential "cover stories", if any indeed existed, could gel.

    All that material will be moved elsewhere as new developments are STILL continuing on that front.

    Re-use of materials and articles posted here - at for-profit sites - in a way that violates US copyright laws and WITHOUT PRIOR PERMISSION IN WRITING is prohibited.

    Indira Singh

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  • The Passing of a Legend — Goodbye, Michael Corbin

    Posted by rememberingmichael on March 23, 2008

    Corbin at Mic

    By SHARON K. GILBERT March 19, 2008

    THIS is a very dark time for listeners of A Closer Look with Michael Corbin for a great light has gone out. Tuesday afternoon, March 18, 2008, legendary radio host Michael Corbin, passed away in Denver, Colorado, following a massive stroke that had left him in a coma since Monday.

    Corbin might well be called the father of alternative news, both in radio and on the internet. Beginning in the 1980s with FIDONet, Corbin refused to accept mainstream media spin, choosing instead to dig into first hand accounts from news-watchers all over the world. It was through FIDOnet, that Corbin met Indira Singh; and it was through Singh that Derek and I grew to know and appreciate Corbin’s work.

    Through FIDONet, followed by ParaNet BBS and the ParaNet Continuum Radio Program (which eventually became ‘A Closer Look’ in 2002), Corbin connected disturbing dots and revealed hidden truths not only about UFO conspiracies but also about government conspiracies — as well as the spiritual battle interweaving both.

    Throughout his long and amazing career, Michael Corbin hosted a ‘who’s who’ of alternative and mainstream media figures. This distinguished fellowship includes Father Malachi Martin, Indira Singh, Paul and Phillip Collins, Jim Marrs, Stanton Friedman, Bill Byrnes, Chuck Missler, Graham Hancock, Richard C. Hoagland, Whitley Strieber, Zechariah Sitchin, Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Texe Marrs, Vince DiPietro, Bud Hopkins, Carlo Calvi, Russ Kick, Dr. Judith Reisman, Steven Emerson, Noreen Gosch (mother of kidnapped teen Johnny Gosch), William Gertz, Kris Milligan, Linda Chavez, Maury Terry, Jonathan Levy, Gary Webb, William H. Kennedy, Alex Jones, Greg Palast, John Dean, Lew Rockwell, Jerry E. Smith, Karen Kwiatkowsky, Sherrie Gossett, H. Michael Sweeney, Dr. Imad Khadduri, Joel C. Rosenberg, Charles Upton, David Aikman, Rich Lowry, Chief Justice Roy Moore, Congressman Ron Paul, Congressman Tom Tancredo, Nick Begich, Vox Day, Sherman Skolknick, Aaron Russo, Victor Thorn and Lisa Giuliani of WingTV, Dr. Michael A. Salla, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, TJ Bonner, Father William Garding, Jayna Davis, Lt. Col. Daniel Marvin (Ret.), Ralph Bunch, Daniel Ellsberg, Dr. Jerome Corsi, Daniel Hopsicker, Andrea Psoras, John Carman, Charlotte Iserbyt, Linda Nee, Wayne Madsen, Dr. Stan Monteith, Jim Gilchrist, Rusty Nelson, Sen. John DeCamp, Peter Levenda, Joyce Riley, Diana Washington Valdez, and so many more.

    Somehow, the internet won’t seem the same without new insights from Corbin’s quick mind. Archives of his hundreds of interviews are available at This astounding body of work is Michael’s gift to us. Though Corbin’s passing leaves a tremendous wake in the world, his legacy will live on and on.


    23 Responses to “The Passing of a Legend — Goodbye, Michael Corbin”

    1. Mike’s passing has been a great shock, and we are all still reeling from it. Due to the circumstances, we know very few of us who knew and worked with and cared deeply about Michael and his work know about his passing. Please get the word out. I can hardly believe this is happening…

      Indira Singh

    2. rememberingmichael said

      My greatest regret is that Derek and I never had the chance to meet Michael in person. We’ve spent most of our married years listening to Michael’s stellar guest list. Michael Corbin helped shape our outlook and our ministry. His passing has left a gaping hole in the universe.

      Sharon Gilbert

    3. Michael was a true professional in every way. His style and integrity reminded one of the Golden Days of Radio. He will be greatly missed.

    4. Michael was a very dear friend and helped keep the story of my Johnny’s kidnapping alive for years. Michael showed such respect and compassion. He was a true professional and will be missed by everyone who knew him.

      Noreen Gosch

    5. Brian Wood said

      I helped Michael run ParaNet and The ParaNet Continuum Radio Show for 5 years. I ran the website, processed orders, published Continuum magazine, built and maintained the radio studio and contacted many program directors around the country as we syndicated the show. Through all of our trials and tribulations, I was very proud of the focus on producing a quality show that Michael and his good friends Deryl and Greg (and later Jay) had. We had a great run, and Michael’s knowledge of the paranormal and the UFO community, as well as his golden voice, made it all so fun. Since ParaNet was a Sunday night live talk show, we were often up very late Sunday nights delivering tapes to KNUS, or having a Boston Cream pie at Angel’s, or eating at Racine’s. I will miss the halcyon days at Pour Joes Coffeehouse, and all the other places we did the show. Michael was a real force in Denver and national talk radio, and his depth of knowledge, kind persona and rich, resonant voice will be sorely missed.

    6. David Ward-KCØUYK said

      I met this wonederful mountain of a man a few years back when he bacame a Ham Radio Operator. He and I hit it off from the start and became very close friends.

      I cannot begin to count the many hours of laughter and thought provoking conversation we had over an adult beverage, coffee, iced tea, great food and sometimes all of the above at the same time.

      What I will always remember most is no matter what was going on in his life (some of you know as much as I do about this) Michael always made time for a friend. He knew when to talk and when to listen. No matter when he was there for you.

      How many times in a persons life does someone like Michael stumble in. I can only say once.

      Good bye Brother and 88’s always!


    7. Maury Terry said

      I am deeply sorry to hear about Michael’s passing. I was on his progam a number of times over the years for extensive interviews; and we also stayed in touch by phone and e-mail in between those occasions.

      Michael was very interested in my investigative work, and he even helped out in meaningful ways on several occasions.

      Michael truly was a good and caring guy, and a solid and dedicated professional. He will be sorely missed by many, including me.

      Maury Terry
      “The Ultimate Evil”

    8. Brian said

      I am very sad to learn of Michael’s death. I was a regular listener and caller to Michael’s show, 4acloserlook, for years. Though we never met, I considered him a friend, and am grateful for the education and kindness he always showed towards me. I always looked foward to speaking to him on his radio show and was always astounded by his breadth of knowledge. I hope people will remember him as a great patriot, and an even better person. God Bless you Michael.

      -Brian from Pennsylvania

    9. Alan said

      I will surely miss Michael Corbin’s voice and the information he spread – many of my hours in my office were spent listening to his shows and often calling in to pitch in my 2 cents. Many others I know will also miss Michael – may God bless his family and comfort them in this time of loss.

    10. David Dial said

      My favorite Michael Corbin memory was his parody of the OnStar commercials a few year ago. A little old lady stuck in her OnStar-equipped car calls OnStar for help and gets an operator who sounds like bad imitation of Alex Jones (who loved this bit so much he played it on his own show). The operator tries to get the little old lady to identify herself by various intrusive means and finally offers her “in-car euthanasia” or getting arrested as a “person of interest”. In the four or five years since Michael Corbin first aired this parody, things have gotten so much worse for our freedoms and better for more repression, the parody is more sad than funny. God rest your soul, Michael!

    11. Clarke Boyer said

      I dialed my good friend Michael Corbin last St. Patrick’s Day in the morning; we were to meet for lunch. When Michael’s longtime friend and confidante Jay answered the phone, I was delivered one of the biggest shocks of my life. Later that afternoon, I saw Michael laying peacefully in a coma in intensive care. What a contradiction to see this strong willed ox of a man, so gracefully committed to his battles, in the final hours of life. Here was the man who taught me that there is always hope no matter what transpires; yet the doctors offered no hope for any recovery. Sadly, I noticed that Michael’s watchful eyes were closed. Those eyes always watched vigilantly, whether it was a suspicious character walking by, a passing military helicopter, or a distant siren. Michael’s eyes always watched out for all of us as well.

      Mikey affected my world in a big way. We got along well from the start due to our mutual ability to see through what he often referred to as smoke and mirrors, and I had no idea how far and deep the smoke and mirrors reached before making his acquaintance! Instead of simply bemoaning the status quo of our Republic and the world, Mikey gave all he had to spread his convictions in a very honest and educated way. In stark contradiction to the info-babes on Fox News and the managed shills of talk radio, Michael Corbin did not have a million dollar studio, a team of corporate producers, or a New York Times Bestseller. He did not even have a handful of sponsors to support his message but somehow kept going despite feeling isolated from and ignored by the mainstream. What Michael did have were smart people all over the world who listened to him, came to him as their go-to-guy when nobody else would help, and engaged with him in deep conversation. Michael Corbin cared about people with an enormous heart. All he wanted was for people to understand history so that we might stymie any repetition.

      Michael talked about giving up and returning back to full time work, but he kept fighting and got on the air regularly to the end. After I hung up the phone with Jay on St. Patrick’s Day, I pondered the magnitude of my brother Michael Corbin laying in a coma. Immediately, as a matter of reflex, I tuned into 1360 AM KHNC to find a rebroadcast of A Closer Look very much alive on the airwaves. On that broadcast, I heard Mr. Corbin’s message loud and clear, and it can be summed up by one of his favorite quotes coined by American founding father Benjamin Franklin: “Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” In today’s violent and hegemonic America, may we all hear these words, and remember the words of Mr. Corbin. Rest In Peace Michael Corbin.

    12. Tiguhs OnDaBayou said

      Michael Corbin’s interview w/ Indira Singh opened my eyes to the modus operandi of the power-elite. For that, I am forever thankful to him.

      Michael struck me as something unique b/c he was not an alarmist like many other alternative news persons. He was a sensible critic of the power corrupting the current social paradigm and did not rely on fear to increase listeners. His ability to bring in guests shunned by the mainstream media, but possessed legitimate and pertinent information was unparalleled. I am glad that his archives are available to the public, b/c they offer a treasure trove of information.

      Indira, it is great to see that you’re ok. You haven’t made a public appearance since being on Michael’s show and that made me worry about your wellbeing (you told ‘us’ to worry if you went missing at the 9/11 Conference). I hope all is well and look forward to the release of your book.

    13. Brian Fegley said

      I agree, Indira was a great guest, very, very informative

    14. Clark Matthews said

      Please let me extend my deepest sympathies and best wishes to Mr. & Mrs. Corbin, Michael’s sister Terri, and all of Mike’s family at this trying time. I had hoped somehow to be able to be there in Denver, but unfortunately these are difficult days for truth-tellers as every friend of Mike’s knows all too well. So many good, courageous, and trusting people have suffered harrassment or pauperization for speaking truth to power — perhaps the finest memorial we could construct for Mike is to ensure he is the last hero-victim of the corrupt people and institutions of these terrible times.

      My acquaintance with Michael began 19 years ago, in 1989, when Jim Speiser handed off his ParaNet BBS network. With the bulletin board network came a low-traffic private message echo. Michael was intrigued, so I explained that messages on the echo were about unreported news stories and scandals. Whistleblower nuns in desert convents. A shocking new book by a Gannett reporter named Maury Terry about weird conspiracies behind the Son of Sam, Zodiac, and other murder sprees. Satanic cults in Yonkers — and among New York’s East Side elites. It was a rich stew and not everyone had a taste for it. Michael did, and he spiced it with his encyclopedic knowledge of UFOs and the paranormal — everything from pioneering UFO studies to mind-bending abductions that sounded like psychiatric experiments. Before I knew it, I was ParaNet’s European gateway operator — ParaNet Pi — and we shared years of news stories, scandals, and investigations. The stories began to assume consistent and recognizable patterns of events, locales, creeds, deeds, and people. So Michael started a radio show to get the word out and the rest, as they say, is history.

      I am so sorry I cannot be there to mourn and celebrate this obstinately brave and opinionated guy who refused to retreat before the very worst perpetrators — local, national, and global. How sad to say goodbye to this wonderful, difficult individual — this determined, opinionated, charismatic, outspoken, dauntless, unfailingly generous, absurdly suspicious, shambolic, sometimes utterly exasperating individual. Michael had so many friends and, even then, he had more friends than he knew.

      Rest in Peace Mike.

      Clark Matthews

    15. Clark Matthews said

      After editing and re-reading the above memorial a over dozen times late into the night, I see in the clear light of day that I neglected to include Mike’s devoted brother Tim by name in my post. Tim, please forgive the oversight, which was due to the late hour and sadness of the moment.

      Best wishes to you & yours,

    16. Roger Seaton said

      I would like to say thank you to Michael for all of his wonderful work and terrific interviews over the years. What a breathe and depth of knowledge he brought to so many issues. His empathy and compassion to people who have been on the wrong side of life and been the victims of a world system separated from GOD, was and remains a testament to a character with a rich sense of love and concern for others. His was a calling to make things right. I always felt as though he was deeply involved in the subject matter he was presenting to his audience.

      God endows all of us with various gifts and talents which are to be used for HIS glory and honor and for the betterment of others. Michael found his calling and in so doing found is voice. Though his earthly voice has been stilled, his work and body of work lives on. Many people will listen to his archives and their eyes and minds will be opened to the deeper realities enveloping us. Thus he will continue to bless others, be a blessing and be blessed for eternity for his faithful service.

      While others count what is done to make the world a better place and to stand for truth and justice a little thing, our heavenly Father counts it as a wonderful token of our love. May we be found fulfilling our calling and be told, “Well done thy good and faithful servant…”

      Thank you Michael.

      I and all of your listeners love you and will miss your wonderful voice even if we never saw you face to face!

    17. Brian Fegley said

      Here are some of my favorite members of 4acloserlook:

      February 16, 2003- Guest Alex Jones. Discussion of Patriot Acts 1&2. To date this is still the best interview I have ever heard on the implications of the Patriot Act on our Constitution and our civil liberties. Lots of great info.

      November 21, 2003- Guests James Fetzer, James Rothstein, and Sherman Skolnick. On the eve of the 40th Anniversary of the JFK assasination, a show dedicated to this seminal event. All three guests were excellent providing different prosepectives and insights. Most interesting was the late Sherman Skolnick who believed the assasination was conducted on the orders of the Vatican (don’t know if I agree with that but interesting nonethless) and got into a heated discussion with one of the callers over this. Possible motives Skolnick mentioned included, Kenendy’s desire to withdraw from Vietnam, issuing interest free money, and attempting to assasinate Castro. Fetzer meanwhile, believed the assasination came from the orders of Lyndon Johnson with help from his cronies in Texas. And Rothstein covered his investigation of Frank Sturgis and his role in the assasination…This is a topic that still concerns me greatly as I believe we are still feeling the ramifications today, IMO one of the best programs Michael did.

      ..more to come later

    18. Susan said

      I met Michael in the 1990s upon first moving to Denver. I’ll always reflect back with gratitude and satisfaction on the (often smoke-filled) meals, coffee, holidays, field trips, various adventures, heated and deep conversations we had through the many years. Beyond the personal, I am comforted that Michael left us with a rich body of interviews and research material to be consulted, deconstructed, and harvested time and again. It is through this research and the questions Michael raised where we can continue the journey for him, to further his quest for truth and transparency. The way I see it, a common thread uniting Michael’s eclectic work reflects the byline of ParaNet: “answering questions and questioning answers.” Not only his epitaph, but this is how I choose to remember him.

    19. MM Mannion said

      Per John Coleman (author of “Committee of 300”) JFK’s assasination was run by British intelligence (MI-5 North America) for many reasons mentioned here already – printing silver backed, interest free, money thus cutting out the Federal Reserve’s monopoly, etc.

      Someone else mentioned Michael’s partner, Jay. Is he a business partner? Who is he? Does he have a show?

      I didn’t always listen to Michael’s show, but liked his interviews with Sam & Trish of the Information Corner dot com.

    20. Brian Fegley said

      Note: Kennedy did not issue silver certificates or a silver backed currency, but interest free money through the Treasury. This is still fiat currency, but was issued through the Treasury as intended in the Constitution and not through the Federal Reserve. These were the infamous red seal $2 and $5 dollar notes. Frequent guest of 4acloserlook, Colonel Craig Roberts has claimed that before Kennedy’s death he was planning on issuing interest free $10s and $1s. Kennedy also cut out the World Bank in his Alliance for Progress program giving government to government loans. You can imagine how well that went over. Kennedy also rejected attaching eugenic population reduction as a precondition of these development loans and got into a public tiff with David Rockefeller over the Alliance for Progress program. There was also considerable anger over Kennedy refusing to invade Cuba during the Bay of Pigs or the Cuban Missile Crisis. Then he said no to a ground war in Laos. Then he said no, to the Machaivellian Operation Northwoods and the Joint Chiefs. And then he said no to a ground war in Vietman. Then Kennedy tried to close foreign tax loopholes such as through the 1963 Investment Equalization Tax and through general tax reform. Add all of these up and you can get a pretty clear picture as to why some felt it necessary for Kennedy to go.

    21. D Sherman said

      My favorite interviews Michael ever did were with Fr. Malachi Martin.

    22. W said

      I never met Mike, but I would occasionally see him at the DazBog coffeehouse at 9th and Downing. It’s depressing he’s gone. His broadcasts were fascinating. Godspeed, Michael!

      W 🙂

    23. To D. Sherman… I am re-reading Malachi Martin’s “The Keys of This Blood”, very timely… those who want to know on the big scale “what’s going on” – would often be referred to this book by Mike. Particularly, the chapter titled “Millenium Endgame” – though I disasgree somewhat with the “parties” involved, the rest of it is spot on.

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