Remembering Michael Corbin

Michael Corbin: Denver Radio Talk Show Host, Journalist [1955-2008]

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    Commenting has been turned off this site, which is now in passive mode.

    This "Memorial" was orginally set up ONLY to "INFORM" the world of Mike's passing: there was a tremendous mess regarding access to Mike's massive contact list after he suddenly passed away. There were few options to inform listeners, fans, and people who worked with him.

    This intent grew to urgently REQUEST FUNDS for his FUNERAL and BURIAL be donated to an account managed by his family of origin.

    This site was SUPPOSED TO BE SHUT DOWN after his burial.

    People who loaned the family money for Mike's funeral etc. expected to get repaid from the fund. They have not yet been repaid. Furthermore, assets loaned to Mike and only Mike through various "gentlemen's agreements", have been stolen. Information assets entrusted to Mike's Filomax organization and only Mike have also been stolen.

    This site remains up, in static form, since in addition to all that, THERE ARE STILL UNANSWERED QUESTIONS wrt. Mike's passing.
    The exploration of these UNANSWERED QUESTIONS quickly became a controversial part of this site.

    I was not sure I wanted those questions raised AT THIS SITE, but was too busy trying to find out what had transpired before potential "cover stories", if any indeed existed, could gel.

    All that material will be moved elsewhere as new developments are STILL continuing on that front.

    Re-use of materials and articles posted here - at for-profit sites - in a way that violates US copyright laws and WITHOUT PRIOR PERMISSION IN WRITING is prohibited.

    Indira Singh

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  • “The right thing”, according to Michael

    Posted by rememberingmichael on April 2, 2008

    Michael could be counted on to do the right thing on the big issues. Those of us who worked with him knew he would protect our sources and materials with his life.

    Michael did or could not take care of the little things as much as we would have liked, and we tried to shore him up there wherever we could, when we knew about it.

    Michael was grieved that “some people out there” were copying his work, without his permission, including his production elements. He always said to me: “all they had to do was ask”.

    When I found out about his sudden death, I was in the middle of a project, trying to find answers to what happened to Mike, long distance to boot, and making arrangements to go to Denver for the funeral.

    Because no one had Mike’s complete phone list, communicating information about his death was a huge task, and I knew a website would help. In my opinion as an investigator, I knew the circumstances of his sudden death were odd, and if someone didn’t FOCUS ON THAT ASAP, THE TRAIL WOULD GO COLD.

    Time and resources being so short, I enrolled the Gilberts – it would be their way of doing the “Right Thing” by Mike. I had not spoken to them since January and a certain conversation with Mike.

    I had wanted to set up – but that would take a bit of time.

    I want to thank them for stepping up to the plate to do the Right Thing, while I began an investigation into Mike’s death, and made arrangements to travel.

    The purpose of this was to inform the world at large of Mike’s passing. The purpose expanded to include raising money for Mike’s funeral. The purpose then expanded yet again to list unanswered questions into Mike’s untimely passing.

    The world has been informed, the funeral has been held, and any questions concerning Mike’s passing have been sent to the appropriate authorities that Mike trusted.

    This temporary “freebie” website was never intended to continue into perpetuity. In fact, the number of real visitors (not spam) to this site have dropped down to close to zero.

    It will be archived in the near future. A copy of that archive will be sent to every single one of the participants who left a message here, or who wrote something here.

    It is the right thing, Michael always knew the right thing to do. Too bad so many so close to him didn’t.


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