Remembering Michael Corbin

Michael Corbin: Denver Radio Talk Show Host, Journalist [1955-2008]

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    Commenting has been turned off this site, which is now in passive mode.

    This "Memorial" was orginally set up ONLY to "INFORM" the world of Mike's passing: there was a tremendous mess regarding access to Mike's massive contact list after he suddenly passed away. There were few options to inform listeners, fans, and people who worked with him.

    This intent grew to urgently REQUEST FUNDS for his FUNERAL and BURIAL be donated to an account managed by his family of origin.

    This site was SUPPOSED TO BE SHUT DOWN after his burial.

    People who loaned the family money for Mike's funeral etc. expected to get repaid from the fund. They have not yet been repaid. Furthermore, assets loaned to Mike and only Mike through various "gentlemen's agreements", have been stolen. Information assets entrusted to Mike's Filomax organization and only Mike have also been stolen.

    This site remains up, in static form, since in addition to all that, THERE ARE STILL UNANSWERED QUESTIONS wrt. Mike's passing.
    The exploration of these UNANSWERED QUESTIONS quickly became a controversial part of this site.

    I was not sure I wanted those questions raised AT THIS SITE, but was too busy trying to find out what had transpired before potential "cover stories", if any indeed existed, could gel.

    All that material will be moved elsewhere as new developments are STILL continuing on that front.

    Re-use of materials and articles posted here - at for-profit sites - in a way that violates US copyright laws and WITHOUT PRIOR PERMISSION IN WRITING is prohibited.

    Indira Singh

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  • Mysteries Surround Michael’s Death

    Editor’s update, June 2008:

    I am fondly reminded of several conversations Mike and I had on Thanksgiving day 2007. He was going to Thanksgiving Dinner.

    He confided again that a part of his family thought what he did was pure drivel, conspiracy theory, they had no clue what the 4acloserlook topics were really about, never listened to his show, and they wished he would quit it.

    Two phrases stuck in my head from that call:: “Dumb as a Box of Rocks” was one he used, and another was … a phrase popularly used to describe troublesome in-laws. To hear Mike use that phrase almost made me drop the dish I was holding, I was laughing so hard. I had never heard Mike so vocal about these troubles so close to him. He said, regarding all that, “the feeling was mutual”.

    As I knew from personal observation, in the past, another part of Mike’s family took his work with dead seriousness, helped him out quite a bit, understood the issues, and were concerned for his safety.

    My last comment during that phone call was that people who do not “get it” yet who have close access to a person doing this sort of work are potential avenues of approach by those who wish to undermine this sort of work.

    Not a soul expects those who denigrated Mike’s work when he was alive – regardless of who they were to Mike – to ever have a clue as to why these questions are being raised by so many people.



    Editor’s update, May 23, 2008:

    A review of the 911 tape does validate the presence of a passer by, who, when asked by the 911 operator if Mike was still breathing, replied in the affirmative. The EMS response indicates otherwise.

    It is still unsubstantiated who made the phone call, from Mike’s cell phone, back to the location Mike had just left.

    It is still unknown why someone posing as a member of a Denver based satanic cult – a person known to Mike and characterized as “very dangerous” – was privy to Mike’s situation within the hour it happened.

    UPDATE: March 28

    This was relayed by H. Michael Sweeney to Indira Singh by email some days ago. Due to the fact that many many people – including members of his family – are puzzled by certain events leading up to his death – it is fair for all to read what a close confidante of Michael – has to say.


    “My deepest condolences and sympathies.

    It is unfair to family members to ‘cry wolf’ regarding a loved one’s method of passing. It is bad enough to suffer a loss, but much worse if there are charges of foul play, especially if they become sensationalized.
    For that reason, I do not post these remarks, but leave it to you if it is best to do so, or not. I also offer memorial comments following.

    (Editor’s note: Memorial comments were placed under Personal Memories)

    Regarding concerns as to the true nature of his death:

    As an investigative writer, Michael considered me an expert on crimes of the intelligence community and personal privacy/security matters, to include weapons of political control technology (mind control). He had me as a guest on his shows numerous times as I have written several books on such topics and play the role of consultant to victims wishing to fight back.
    What concerns me are two topical matters. One is the situation leading up to his death, and the other regards the actual details of his death.
    What I know of the situation leading up to his death.

    The last communications between us were roughly a year ago, when he was complaining of several odd events regarding his car, his home, his workplace, and his business and personal relationships. Each event, over a space of mere months, had the fingerprints or outright labels of organized stalking, harassment, and black ops, and seemed to me to be quite related. He described sabotages, thefts, ransacking, and implied threats, and quite a bit of evidence of surveillance and some symptoms of electronic harassment. Both business and personal relationships were being severed without due cause. It was clear that there was escalation in both scope and intensity with time.
    Of course, Michael tried to see it as coincidental, but was in the end compelled to seek my advice as a fellow ‘paranoid.’
    After we initiated some dialogs about strategies to better defend against such attacks, communications between us seemed to become more difficult. We both repeatedly found emails were not reaching one another. We talked by phone a few times, but of course, he was rightly
    uncomfortable discussing details on and open line. We even talked briefly about the possibility of my going to Denver to join him in his show production, as he was short handed, which would also allow that I might intervene more directly in his matters. Then, suddenly, he stopped communicating all together. It was as if he no longer knew me.

    This further seemed odd as I had provided him with a promotional opportunity to help raise money for his show, resulting in a Web page at his site for my newest book series, Fatal Rebirth. He had graciously accepted and it had resulted in some small benefit. This typically called for my making available to him a copy of one of my CD-ROM (ebook) products for a listener making contributions, and for him to provide email contact information for the recipient (by permission of recipient). My mailings to him were not reaching him, and I never received from him any email address. To my knowledge, no listener has never gotten their product, thus destroying the viability of the promotion for both him, and for me. This was quite curious, and quite frustrating in the face of non communication.
    (Editor: emphasis and underlining added, since this was part of my experience also, except when I used Mike’s other email accounts.)

    Regarding the nature of his death, I offer these final comments.
    1) A Stroke victim does not usually complain of ‘not feeling well,’ nor do they long remain abulatory. Neither is a symptom of a stroke. It is common for the victim to think they are doing OK and to continue on to some point where they succumb. It is possible there was some other cause of his discomfort which was merely coincidental to an actual stroke. ONLY a proper coroner’s report, along with further testimony as to the exact nature of his discomfort can allay this concern.

    2) In inverse manner, Michael had been in contact with (a friend) immediately prior to the discovery of him in his car. Since he had his phone with him, and was in contact regarding his condition moments earlier, it appears on the surface that his description of discomfort did NOT match any of the common warning signs of a stroke. It is clear that his friend did not perceive anything about his discomfort at a warning sign. Unless corrected with facts to the contrary, it would appear he had NO SUCH symptoms.
    Editor’s note: According to family and friends, Michael had been complaining of a suite of symptoms: slurring words, headaches, reaching for words and not finding them. Some say just recently, some say for at least over a year. Hence the comments revealing Michael would talk about “having a stroke”… for years.

    Those symptoms are consistent with neurological disorders of various origins, from ALS/Multiple Sclerosis through side effects of Lipitor, through neurotoxic poisoning that e.g., the Gulf War veterans experienced. Regardless of etiology, the outcome of non-treatment is the same: catastrophic cervical vascular accident – or – stroke. The “natural causes” and “risk factors” are various, though the ones engrained in our minds are: smoking and being overweight, both of which apply to Michael. Everyone can “do the math” and has been doing so.
    There are also so many ways that “unnatural causes” can cause the same symptoms. Everyone is also “doing the math” there.Not one medical test taken during his life can be used to rule out unnatural causes that MIGHT have precipitated his stoke: however an autopsy might be able to answer that. And Mike deserves that scrutiny. Unbelievably, his closest friends and his family chose “another path”. There has been great dissent from within Mike’s own close circle – some have no clue as to what Mike was involved with, some did.

    3) My earlier research confirms the general belief that the intelligence communities of the world know how to artificially induce or simulate a stroke by injection of drugs which cannot be readily detected in a routine autopsy examination. Only if foul play is suspected and specific tests are undertaken, can the matter be detected.
    4) My research also shows an uncanny coincidence that in almost every incidence where there might arise suspicion after the fact that a victim has been so injected, the victim’s body is quickly cremated or embalmed, commonly without or against the expressed wishes of the next of kin. Just as common, coroner records are ‘misplaced.’ The best known example of both such traits is the murder of an ex CIA Officer John Paisley, who allegedly stole the entire CIA roster of foreign agent assignments for release to the Soviets (not possible). He was, however, quite connected to a long list of bump-in-the-night political nightmares from Gary Powers/U-2 incident to JFK’s murder and Bay of Pigs to Watergate, and more.


    10 Responses to “Mysteries Surround Michael’s Death”

    1. Jim B said

      Mikes sudden death is a shock to me. My very first response was to consider foul play. Mike lived a hard life and in all honest, a stroke is very plausible. Consider~~
      1. Mike was a drinker and heavy smoker
      2. Mike was over weight
      3. Mike had been ill for most of this year and last year
      4. Mikes life was full of stress and real fear of a variety of possibilities that could threaten his life.

      All of that paints a clear picture of a stroke victim in the making.

      I don’t believe it.

      I had always told Mike, many many times,” You are like my canary in the coal mine, when you go off the air, I will know that the end is near for our country and our way of life. They willhave to shut you and any one like you up before they start the burlesque.”

      I do not WANT to believe that Mike is the victim of foul play, buy my sixth sense is screaming that he is. I loved him heart, his mind, his skill and his soul; more than a brother. I will sorely miss his courage and leadership.

      Who will now step up and even try to fill that gap???

      I hope that the music picked for his memorial reflect all his soul.

      Rest, Mikey. We all miss you.

    2. Richard B. said

      I do not believe that Michael Corbin died of natural causes. I believe microwaves were used to induce a stroke.

      I too hope that the music at Michael’s memorial will reflect his soul. But I don’t see that as being possible.

      Sincere condolences to Michael’s family. And heartfelt prayers to Michael’s partner, Jay.

    3. David Ward-KCØUYK said

      I’ll post this on this page because it seems more fitting……

      I think that questions should be asked about Michaels sudden passing and I am so greatful to those for doing it but…..

      I spoke to Michael on an almost day to day basis and know about the personal medical issues he had been dealing with the last few years, not just the last few weeks. Extreme High blood pressure being one of them. Michael was not one to get himself checked out when he needed to be nor tell anyone unless seeing he was not well and asking over and over whats really going on Michael. This was a great concern not only to me but some others close to him. I called him a stuburn ass more them once for not saying something sooner or going to the Dr when he should. The main thing I know was lack of Medical insurance. I can not go into to much more then that being he told me things in confidence that only a few of the closest people to him know.

      I understand the concern and sadness of his passing, the great loss people are feeling, the suddenness of this all and the concern for his safety in dealing with the very sensitive issues he did. Security for him and his wellbeing was always a concern.

      He was the voice for people that no one else would listen to. I champion of the cause and a big target to those that did not like the message he was getting out but knowing what I know and knowing Michael the way I did my personal feeling is it was natural medical related causes due to lack of medical attention over the long term that took this wonderful man from us.

      Who will come along side and pick up where Michael left off? Who will pick up the torch and speak for those that no one else will listen too? Who will cover the topics that the main stream can’t get any ratings on so they let it go? Who? Who? This is my questions in all of this and my main concern.

      Thanks so much for showing enough care for Michael to question his passing. I know he would do the same for any of us.

      My 2 cents. Thanks for listening.


    4. Richard B said

      Thanks for your 2 cents Dave.

      I suddenly have a craving for deviled HAM.

      Thanks for listening.


    5. Lorrie Lunnon said

      Having home health care service and age on my side, Michael died of a massive stroke. Had the hospital suspected injury to the skull or upper neck, there would have been an investigation. Sadly, had Michael gone for help when the headache and disorientation first started, he would have had a chance. There ARE unanswered questions, they need to be attended to… Now he sings with the Angels. The stress is gone, can you just picture him grinning at all of us, giving us his warm hug and then going out for a cigarette….:-)

    6. David Ward-KCØUYK said

      I see him sitting on a cloud and yes grinning sipping on an Americano 🙂 If theres a smoking ban in heaven he’s leading the fight to end it LOL.

    7. John Lee said

      Didn’t he have NeoConStar installed in his car?

      At any rate, tobacco cigarettes are freebased with ammonia (urine), like crack is freebased with ammonia, to make them more addictiove and more profitable. Try Native Spirit tobacco sans 500 additives?

      Alcohol bevs are exempt from ingredient labels, and highly taxed, so don’t buy them. Brew yer own with unfluroidated distilled water, which are more filling so you drink less. Less calories means less fat. And it doubles your IQ.

      MSG and high-fructose corn syrup are killers.

      So either way, Corbin was assassinated by the Endgame eugenics program.

    8. I understand that Fr. Joe Ganssle, Michael’s spiritual advisor who resided in St. Petersbug, FL passed away March 31st, 2008 at 1:30pm. Fr. Joe had been suffering from cancer but had been feeling a bit better recently. It is known to a few that Michael was seeking to leave Denver and last I spoke with Michael, he had selected St. Petersburg, FL, because Fr. Joe was there.

      We were unable to talk to Fr. Joe before he took ill again and passed away.

      At least now they are together.

    9. Yes, they are definately together.

      Fr. Joe worked hard to reform Federal Drug laws, and to unite all faiths in Christ’s name.

      I’m sure Michael felt secure through Fr. Joe’s guidance. As Christian leader first and a Cathlic second – Fr. Joe loved his “sheep” without judgment or guilt, and worked tirelessly to show the entire Christian community that “we are one.”

      Christ’s blood, which was SHED FOR ALL, is the eternal life insurance policy.

    10. Corey said

      I ended up Googling Michael’s name in Google and noticed a result with the following description: “Michael Corbin, journalist, talk radio host, and champion of liberty died on Tuesday after suffering a stroke on Sunday night.” I never knew anything about Michael, but immediately upon reading it I suspected foul play. I followed through and ended up reading into it more, and finally arrived here. After reading what I have thus far, I’m pretty suspicious about the matter. I can only hope that those of you closer to the situation do what is necessary to find the truth.

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